Payroll Services in Philadelphia, PA

CPA ProPayroll specializes in payroll and tax filing services for small and medium sized businesses across Philadelphia, PA. In addition to processing your payroll checks and paying and filing your payroll taxes, we offer the following services:


CPA ProPayroll will pay and file all of you payroll taxes. You no longer have the burden paying the taxes yourself online or by phone. In addition, we take responsibility for speaking to all tax agencies on your behalf.


CPA ProPayroll will Sign and Seal your paychecks for you each payroll. You no longer have to take the time to sign your employee's checks again. In addition, your sealed payroll checks will be delivered to you in a separate envelope than your payroll reports keeping confidentiality.


CPA ProPayroll will direct deposit some or all of your employees' paychecks each payroll. Your employees will no longer have to wait in long lines at the bank to cash their paychecks, and you will save time reconciling your bank statement.


CPA ProPayroll will provide you with a per payroll or monthly check register for your bank reconciliation. It will list each employee paid in that month, including the check date, check number, and net pay.


CPA ProPayroll will retain and back-up all of your payroll records. In addition, when you receive unemployment requests, workers compensation requests or even if your employee needs a per payroll history for a loan, simply call or fax us your request and we will fax the information to you the same day.


CPA ProPayroll understands how important your Accountant is to your business. We will forward copies of your payroll, monthly summaries, quarterly summaries, plus quarterly and annual returns directly to your accountant for you.


As required by state law, CPA ProPayroll will report each new employee for you as we process your payroll.


CPA ProPayroll will pay and file all taxes, including OPT taxes.


CPA ProPayroll will deduct from the employees' paychecks and/or the employer any 401k and match, IRA, or any plan that you have. CPA ProPayroll will send the payments for you to the appropriate payee.


CPA ProPayroll will make the deduction from your employees, and process the payments for you in the format mandated by the agency.

CPA Pro Payroll offers tax filing, paychecks and payroll services to clients across Philadelphia, West Chester, King of Prussia, Cherry Hill, Washington Township and the surrounding areas.